Scent Work

Mail scent work entries to trial secretary

Paige Graumann, 5317 SE 88th St, Oklahoma City OK 73135.


Make checks payable to Nolan River Kennel Club.


(including AKC recording fee of $3.50)

Separate fee for each dog, each day
Each entry of each dog



ENTRY METHOD: First Received

Mail entries to in care of Paige Graumann 5317 SE 88th St, Oklahoma City OK 73135 Make checks payable to Nolan River KCEntries open Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Novice A & B Buried, Advanced Buried, Excellent Buried, Master Buried Novice A & B Container, Advanced Container, Excellent Container, Master Container

The Novice A/B Sections: The Novice A Class is for beginners. Those dogs that have earned a title in that element (in AKC or in another organization), and those handlers who have worked as professional detection dog handlers must enter the B section. The exhibitor is fully responsible for entering the dog in the correct class(es)/divisions. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of qualifying scores.

DOGS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER: This trial is open to all dogs SIX (6) months of age or older that are registered with the American Kennel Club or that have AKC Limited Registration, Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privileges (PAL/ILP), an AKC Canine Partners listing number or approved Foundation Stock Service (FSS) breeds are eligible to participate. Dogs with a Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privileges (PAL/ILP) or an AKC Canine Partners list- ing number must be spayed or neutered in order to compete. Whenever the word “dog” is used in these regulations it includes both sexes. Dogs with physical challenges (including amputees) are eligible to participate provided that, in the opinion of the judge, the dog displays no sign of physical discomfort and can safely complete the search. Deaf and blind dogs are allowed to enter. Females in season may not participate. Aggressive dogs or dogs suffering from an injury, or illness which may affect the dog’s physical or mental performance may not participate. No dog shall compete if it is sutured, bandaged, or has any visible wounds.

Transfers will be allowed at this trial per AKC Regulations.



Caroline Oldham - All Classes


Saturday: 8:00 am

The Staging Area will be out of view of search area(s). Staging area will include crating, warm-up and waiting area, as well as the secretary table for check-ins and posting of running order and results.

The Handler’s Briefing will take place in view of the search area prior to the start of each class, after the hide(s) have been set and after the Demo Dog has run. In the Handler’s Briefing the judge will explain if there’s an off-leash option, number of hides, maximum height of hides and maximum time for the search. NO DOGS are to be present during the Handler’s Briefing.

A warm-up area will be available consisting of ONE container of each odor being tested at the trial and may also consist of blank containers. Exhibitors should limit their warm-up to (2) two minutes or less. The warm-up area is to be used exclusively for warming up the handler-dog team prior to their run. The warm-up area is not for training or relieving of the dog.


Search areas may be of any shape, and of the size specified in the Regulations for each class. Searches may be indoors, on matted, carpeted, or tiled surfaces, or outdoors on grass, gravel, earth, concrete, or asphalt surfaces. Search Area Sizes are specified in the Regulations for AKC Scent Work.


Kathryn Butts - All Classes

Sunday: 8:00 am


Trial Site: It is not appropriate to visit the trial location prior to the trial date. Many search loca-

tions are real-life environments and such visits may risk the host losing the opportunity to use the location in the future.

Possession of Odors and Training: Chapter 5, Section 26 of the Scent Work Regulations state “No person other than those engaged in the administration of a trial shall be in possession of any target odor when on the trial grounds. There shall be no training on the grounds of the AKC Scent Work trial, other than the designated warm-up area.”

Spectator Area: Spectators are encouraged. Any person not handling a dog in the current class, or any person who has already completed their run in the class may choose to watch the search from the spectator area. Handlers may not watch other exhibitors from their class prior to their run. No one outside the search area may assist the handler or disclose the location of the hide. Spectators who intentionally or unintentionally give aid to a team may be asked to leave the area by the judge. Spectators are forbidden to discuss details of the search until the completion of the class.

The entry form is the PDF below

Print out and forward to address above.