FAQ & Helpful Hints

Nolan River Kennel Club show is held in January in North Texas.  The weather can sometimes be a little chilly, so be sure and bring jackets.


We don't usually get snow or ice, however, it does happen occasionally.  Be prepared and bring:

  • Changes of shoes

  • warm blankets for the pups

  • ice scraper for windshields (remember, don't use hot water - it could crack your windshield)

  • gloves


This is a covered and enclosed arena.  The vendor area, bathrooms, concession stand, clinics, superintendent, show committee, catalog sales are in concrete floored areas.


The rings are in packed dirt.  It can be difficult to roll crate dollies through the dirt areas, especially those with small wheels.  You may want to get a garden cart with larger wheels to easily traverse the show area.  These are available from any outdoor store or general merchandiser.


The concession stand is very good and reasonably priced.  Typical fare includes hamburgers and sandwiches and drinks.  They are open for breakfast and lunch. 

There is seating in climate controlled area adjacent to the concession stand.